Assuta Medical Center

  • Location:
    Ramat HaChayal, Tel Aviv
  • Client:
    Maccabi Healthcare Services
  • Established:
  • Budget:
    NIS 49 million
  • Area:
  • Project Description:

    Air conditioning and ventilation systems along with patient rooms, operating rooms, laboratories, public spaces, and parking. The 16 operating rooms included design, supply, and installation of all electrical and HVAC systems, as well as the accompanying electromechanical work, including medical gases, sanitation and ventilation systems, and bed-head units. Also were responsible for electrical, communication and control systems, CCTV, and HMI for operating rooms, ICUs, laboratories, MRI, catheterization rooms, dialysis rooms, and hospitalization wards. Comprehensive maintenance of all electromechanical systems, electricity, plumbing, inspection, and preparation as well as medical and pharmacological accreditation processes.
    Collaboration with Electra Energy and Electra FM.