Our unique strength – core capabilities supporting project performance.

Electra M&E is Israel's leading provider of a wide range of expertly integrated electromechanical solutions in the fields of HVAC, piping, fire extinguishing, electrical systems and very low voltage systems. We are known for end-to-end solutions based on broad insight into the big picture and in-depth understanding of all project stages: from planning and construction to long-term service and maintenance.
Thanks to this, our customers can depend on our ability to successfully complete the project to their full satisfaction.


Our unique strength – core capabilities supporting project performance.

Electra M&E serves customers throughout Israel, from project and service branches in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, and Jerusalem. Each branch provides comprehensive solutions for all project needs and is staffed by professionals in every field of electromechanical building services, including experienced project managers and integration experts.

Our in-house team of engineers and practical engineers has extensive experience planning all elements of electrical, mechanical and control systems for some of Israel's largest, most complex projects. Full management of the shop drawing and implementation stages allows us to provide design flexibility, supervision, and quality control.

Every field of operation is overseen by an experienced chief engineer, who directs both planning and implementation. A dedicated System Coordination and Assembly Department ensures full integration throughout the project, while the Information System and Control Departments provide project managers with invaluable real-time information regarding the actual implementation of the integration process.

Electra M&E merged the longstanding companies Electra Air Conditioning (founded in 1945) and Electra Electricity & Plumbing (founded in 1990). Through many years of operation, we have worked on offices, hotels, hospitals, commercial centers, residential towers, and more, accumulating unrivaled expertise in a wide variety of fields:

  • Turnkey planning and installation of clean rooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Manufacturing facilities – pharmaceuticals, microelectronics
  • Academic institutes – classrooms and laboratories
  • Large campuses
  • Ministry of Defense projects
  • Implementation of innovative energy-saving methods


​Together we strive to empower our ability to be a market leader, providing exceptional value for our customers while continually maintaining our profitability and longstanding reputation for excellence. We leverage the joint abilities of each division and each individual staff member to create a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.