Electra M&E is highly experienced in handling all aspects of sanitation to meet the varied needs of specialized installations and sites.

  • Infrastructure and pumping systems for a wide range of applications: sewer piping, canalization and drainage, purification, accumulation and pumping of water and wastewater; development of roads, plazas, rockeries and gardens, reservoirs, waste water purification plants, and pumping stations for raw sewage and effluent.
  • Industrial piping: stainless steel pipes, steam pipes, pipes for condensation, inks and other industrial fluids.
  • Sanitation systems: compressed air and vacuum systems, clean systems, gas systems, and more.
  • Fire extinguishing systems: hydrants, internal and external extinguishing systems, sprinkler systems.
  • Plumbing: sanitary fixtures and faucets, hot and cold water supply, water treatment, sewage and rainwater disposal systems.
  • Swimming pools, fountains, decorative waterfalls, and ritual baths: planning & execution, filtration, disinfection and water treatment, circulation and water flow, swimming pool heating systems, and radiators for ritual baths.