Safety Policy

Electra Group Safety Policy

The Electra Group is committed to creating a safe, healthy environment for the company's workers, customers, suppliers, contractors, and local communities. The company strives to conduct its activities in a way that will ensure the achievement of this goal, adhering to the highest safety standards. The safety policy constitutes an integral part of the company's strategy and includes the following elements:

1.    The management of the company is committed to upholding and strictly fulfilling all requirements of the law, regulations, standards and professional guidelines regarding safety, occupational health, and the environment, that exist and are in effect in the project's location, and shall take all the administrative measures at its disposal in order to enforce observation of these laws by all the managers and workers of the company at all levels.

2.    Strict observance of safety is a preliminary condition for execution of any work whatsoever in the company's areas of activity.

    Every manager/worker is responsible for the safe execution and management of tasks, with safety as the priority.

3.    Electra's safety management process in is based on a comprehensive perspective of the system as a whole, customized for the specific conditions of each company in order to ensure more effective handling of safety issues by the various units.

4.    The company shall take all possible administrative and technological measures to ensure safety:

    It shall specify targets, criteria, and priorities, and shall allocate the resources required in order to ensure a safe working environment free from hazards, while striving to achieve zero work accidents and occupational illnesses, and to reduce the severity of accidents, which will inevitably occur, despite all possible precautions taken to avoid the risks inherent in the company's work.

5.    The company shall constantly work to manage and reduce the existing risks in this type of work to an acceptable level. It will strive for constant improvement in the company's health and safety measures and ensure the use of proper equipment and materials, appropriate work procedures and work methods, and skilled working teams with appropriate oversight. The company will have a plan in place and run regular emergency procedure drills, as well as methodically investigate safety incidents and near-accidents in order to draw actionable conclusions.

6.    The company will constantly and methodically investigate safety incidents and near-accidents in order to draw actionable conclusions.

7.    All management levels are responsible for implementation of the company's safety and occupational health policy.

    All management levels are responsible for those beneath them and are accountable to the management levels above them.

    All managers are responsible for overseeing safety procedures within their area of responsibility.

8.    Unit managers shall ensure the implementation of safety protocols and workers' adherence to these protocols. They will verify that all relevant information for the observance of proper safety is accurate and up-to-date and is easily available to workers at all times.

9.    Every employee is responsible for working in a safe manner while using all the safety resources available, reporting any safety problem, and avoiding damage or misuse of any safety equipment.

10.    The success of the safety policy depends on the commitment and full cooperation of all employees and managers. The management shall invest the time, resources and efforts necessary for effective implementation of the safety policy. This policy is constantly evaluated, publicized, and explained to all employees, and is available to the public.