Founded in 2007, Electra M&E Bulgaria covers a full spectrum of turn-key electromechanical engineering, offering a wide array of internal and external infrastructure systems and their related design and installation services.

From air-conditioning, heating and ventilation, through elevators and escalators, power generation, plumbing, gas and beyond, the Company’s expertise extends to virtually every critical indoor infrastructure system for the construction industry. Rounding out its offering, Electra M&E Bulgaria provides external infrastructural works, including power supply solutions, peripheral and architectural lighting, irrigation, sewage, and more. The Company supports its client base with professional repair and maintenance services for all installed systems.

Since its inception, Electra M&E Bulgaria has been involved in a variety of substantial electromechanical infrastructure projects for large-scale, modern malls with ample space for retail and entertainment. The Company is currently expanding its activities into full service building maintenance and other engineering fields closely interconnected with its main core business.