Eletco LDA was established in January 2013 as an exciting new venture that aims to introduce new standards of quality and engineering expertise to the Angolan market.

Eletco is primarily active in the construction and installation of large-scale electromechanical systems. These versatile systems have a wide variety of potential applications and Eletco's skilled professional engineers are experienced at developing systems adapted to the diverse requirements of industrial, commercial, medical, educational, institutional and residential buildings. Once each system has been designed, Eletco also carries out its full installation, ensuring comprehensive quality control throughout every aspect of the project.

In addition, Eletco aims to penetrate the installation market for high, medium, and low-voltage electrification projects throughout Angola, bringing innovative construction techniques, as well as modern technology, to rural areas. These projects call for a full range of technical capabilities, but regardless of the project's scope and complexity, Eletco always rises to the challenge, providing the client with the ideal tailor-made solution.